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Karen's great! I use her for waxing and she knows her stuff. Also whatever wax she uses is really great and it doesn't really hurt to bad and stays for weeks! She definitely knows her stuff and I've seen a few people come and leave with great brows especially worked well with their before shape. My experiences with Karen have been better then local spas, but a much competitive price!


Emily M.

I went in today for the first time for a microderm and my face feels AMAZING! Karen does a a great job! Thank you so much!


Kylie Ky

In the past I had Karen at Benefit wax my brows and tint my brows and lashes as well a Brazilian wax. She has her own place-where I see her now! I have had others do my brows and lashes but so far no one has done as good as a job as Karen! My brows are rather uneven, and I appreciate how she gets them looking pretty much alike. Also, she will put you totally at ease while doing more personal type waxing. Her technique is fairly pain free too! I have pulled off bainaides that hurt more. If you are looking for a good brow expert or someone to put you at ease during waxing, let face it, I recommend Karen!


Julie D.